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Daniel Book Four WRG 6-30-20 cover - Cop

Now Available: Chaos Reigns


Life can unravel so fast. Daniel has spent the last decade trying to survive and now hunts those who persecute him. New discoveries reveal that his greatest enemy may be…himself.

He's nineteen, scarred physically and psychologically, and just discovered he's been genetically manipulated since before birth. Not just him, his mother and the two mountain lions he has always thought of as his brother and sister.

Daniel's still travelling with eleven brilliant international students pursuing a college education, and on top of studies, he still needs to dig into the minds of others to find clues leading to those trying to kill him and bring chaos to the world. Yes, one of his unique abilities is that of reading the thoughts and memories of others.

But everything has a price, and who he is and what he's doing is ripping him apart, not just internally, but his relationship with the one person he cares about most. He's losing her, Amber. 

More than ever he realizes there is a monster within, and it is consuming him. He asks, is his life worth the suffering he seems to bring…just by existing?

I am compelled.


Writing is not a path I expected to venture down. Of all the undertakings of my life it is the least likely and certainly the most challenging.

You must understand that in fifty-eight years, I had never written one word of any story.

My inadequacies with the English language are many, and often the flaws are embarrassing.

So why write? I have stories, whispered to me by characters that live in the shadows of my thoughts. Therefore, I write, poor, awkward, clumsy scribblings. Others may find fault, I don't mind. Until the voices quiet, I am compelled.


W.R. Golding


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